Voice Culture

In the case of verbal communication skills voice plays an important role. After all, one maybe knowledgeable in their domain area, but conveying their knowledge may seem like a mammoth task. This is the reason why, as a part of communication skills training there is ample emphasis laid on voice culture.

One aspect of culturing the voice is understanding intonation. This is the rise and fall in pitch, which occurs as we speak. There are various patterns of intonation. For instance, there is singsong, monotone, jump up and step down (JUSD), etc. When one intonates one puts music, melody and rhythm into the way they speak.

Basically, intonation follows certain guidelines that help one decide which are important and key ideas on which one needs to rise and fall in pitch. When one follows these guidelines, one can clearly communicate to the listener the important idea/s in the message.

The following are the various factor that can help one to modulate well and gain correct intonation, inflection and syllable stress…

  • Be enthusiastic
  • Avoid speaking in a monotone
  • Exaggerate voice inflection
  • Pause to create effect
  • Pace between fast and slow
  • Modulate between high and low pitch
  • Bring power with the play of volume – loud and soft
  • Enunciate the words to bring about clarity
  • Match tone with attitude


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