Verbal Communication Skills

Everybody has interesting thoughts floating in their mind, however only a few are able to communicate them effectively, and bring about a resounding impact on their audience. This is because they have probably sharpened their verbal communication skills.

Many feel that this skill does not need any training, as every individual is able to communicate. Yes, every individual can communicate, but the problem is that every individual cannot effectively communicate.

  • Then the common question that arises is : ‘how to improve my communication skill’. Though the years, experts in the field of training have found innovative ways and have provided interesting tips and methods to improve your communication skills.
  • Given here are some interesting tips ways in which one can improve the way in which they communicate :
  • Be aware of the communication process : One should be aware of every aspect of the present communication – the purpose, objective and needs. One needs to be aware of what is occurring within the self; aware of what the others present feel; aware of all that is occurring between the communicators and aware of all that is happening around the communicators.
  • Digging deeper : One should be able to dig below the surface and derive and understands each communicator’s primary needs from the conversation taking place.
  • Clarity of thought : One needs to be clear and focused on the subject at hand and not beat around the bush and be ambiguous.
  • Listening empathetically : One should hone the skills of listening with understanding.
  • Assert respectfully : It is important that one develops speaking up assertive communication skills. This is because when one is assertive, they are proving that they are confident about what they need to convey.
  • Conflict resolution : One should be able to come to win-win solutions in orde to solve all problems that may occur from time-to-time.

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