Public Speaking

Speaking in public tends to become a rather stressful task for many. In fact, even the best of speakers tend to go through those few moments of anxiety and stage fright just before getting onto the stage or podium to address their audience. One of the main reasons can be language, which for instance could be lack of English speaking words. But then how to improve English speaking can be looked at, as a different subject, all together.

Yet, before going any further, one tip for improving English skills, one can practice grammar and vocabulary exercises, as often as possible. Also reading loudly in front of a mirror helps one improve their language skills. Exposure to the language is also important, which includes reading English newspapers and books, listening to English music and watching English movies.

Coming back to public speaking… here are 9 tips to speak successfully in a public situation…

  • Control stage fright
  • Select the subject well
  • Gather all ideas and information
  • Organize the material
  • Plan the beginning of the speech
  • Plan the body of the speech
  • Plan the conclusion of the speech
  • Practice the speech
  • Bring in humor, spontaneously

Here are the 6-key details to ensure smooth speaking at a public event, of any magnitude…

  • Check all arrangements
  • Be comfortable in venue
  • Know how to use the microphone
  • Conduct a microphone check before the function begins
  • Be ready to deal with distractions
  • Be prepared to answer questions, politely avoid irrelevant questions


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