List Of Communication Skills

The ability to communicate effectively is a trick learn by many, but practiced perfectly by not too many. This is because for most communicating is simple process. However, it is not so, it a rather simple-complex-networking system that has varied undercurrents flowing between the speaker and listener/s.

Given here is an interesting list of communication skills that one should be aware of in order to better their ability to convey their valuable messages…

  • Taking responsibility for one’s messages
  • Claiming ownership for one’s messages
  • Preparing to listen
  • Encouraging the speaker to speak more
  • Reflecting on what the speaker has to say
  • Adapting to difference of opinions
  • Being open minded
  • Acknowledging differences
  • Assessing without being judgmental
  • Accepting feedback
  • Being assertive
  • Ability to share one’s thoughts
  • Sharing one’s feelings
  • Conveying to others a message without commanding or dictating terms
  • Being aware of the information coming in
  • Maintaining a communication wheel of conclusions, sense data, emotions, impact and desire
  • Calm repetition to drive in a message
  • Addressing people by their name
  • Ability to explain a concept differently so that all those present understand it at their level
  • Ability to resolve conflicts so that it is a win-win for all
  • Ability to be concise and clear
  • Ability to convey thoughts in a focused and concrete manner
  • Ability to confront a situation when faced with reputation crises using techniques of reputation management.
  • Ability to convey with and empathetic statement
  • Ability to explain objectively without evaluating
  • Ability to provide specific details supported by concrete examples
  • Ability to monitor emotional reactions and filter out irrational thoughts
  • Ability to project oneself into the audience’s point of view

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