Effective Communication Tips

Communication is a vital part of an individuals life. In fact, communication is one of the distinctive attributes of human kinds. If there is one factor that separates us from animals then it must be our ability to communicate. The story of human evolution is all about developing skills of language and communication.Communication techniques have kept assuming new forms during the course of our journey from ancient ages to 21st century. Life just cannot function without element of communication. Effective communication skills help us in living a better and richer life.

Many people assume that communication is all about words but that is a misleading notion. Communication skills also include facial expressions, body language, non-verbal communication and oration skills. Surprisingly, words just constitute 7% of the effective communication whereas rest of the 93% is contributed by other constituents mentioned above.

To master the art of effective communication, one needs to be a listener first. Listening is an art which most often than not is ignored by people. Listening is an integral part of communication in every sphere of life, be it professional interactions or personal relationships.

One should pay attention to what the other party has to say then only the communication cycle can be completed. Listening is very much different from hearing which demands taking a genuine interest in views expressed by others. It is highly impolite to interrupt the other person while he/she is expressing his opinions. It is important to let the other party speak.

One of the most effective communication tips is to let the others speak first and not clamor for making your points first. One always gets a chance to speak so it is better to wait for others to say whatever they want to and then indulge in a healthy discussion. It also helps in establishing an atmosphere of trust and confidence. Try to keep this point in mind in business as well as personal communication so that communication turns onto the right track.

Effective communication requires both parties to express their opinions in a candid manner and then come out with a conclusion. No matter, whether you agree or disagree with others viewpoint but it is important to express your disagreements on a somber note. Effective communication tips help everyone in living a stress-free life. It not only strengthens relationships but also brings positive changes in one

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